Carving Out Peace, from Moments of Now

Have you ever carved anything out of wood? I haven’t but I’ve watched someone do it. It requires concentration, patience, and absolute presence.

My uncle is a decorated Vietnam War veteran. In 2004, he sent me a package with a hand-written note and this hand-carved peace symbol. He kept it for over 40 years and decided to send it to me, after he saw my business logo.


It was carved by a fellow soldier, during one of their tours in Vietnam.

Who knows what the young man thought, as he carved it over several weeks? Maybe he was thinking about home or familiar places with loved ones. Amid chaos and war, was this his expression of hope?

He must have been young and scared. But even in trauma, he was able to carve small moments of Now, into a tangible symbol of peace.

When I hold this wood carving, I imagine his hands in movement, revealing the beauty of Now, from a piece of discarded wood.

How are you carving your moments of PEACE, during this necessary shelter-in-place?

Massage therapy may be on hold, right now but I am looking forward to our time together, at the Studio.

I miss you and hope you are feeling supported and loved during this time.



About RJR Self-Care

By Ruben J. Rocha - Massage therapist in private practice and Instructor at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts
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