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Human value

Today is my Dad’s 75th birthday. Greatest childhood lesson I learned from Dad: Early 1970s, on vacation to California…We stopped at a rest area for a sugary morning breakfast. We noticed a homeless man looking through a garbage can for … Continue reading

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Coming to your own assistance

I heard a renowned psychotherapist say this in a presentation, once. “I have no doubt you would instantly push a child out of danger, if she were standing in the path of an on-coming school bus, but I am not … Continue reading

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You get what you deserve

Eight months is a long time to go without a massage, especially for someone who practices bodywork for a living. I fell into a trap of unworthiness, hidden behind the mental smoke screen of “too busy, not enough money, or … Continue reading

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Peace is nurturing

One of my clients called and asked if she could schedule a 1-hour massage every day, during a week-long fast. Her intention was to re-think and re-experience her relationship to food by exploring new ways to nurture herself. How often … Continue reading

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