Peace is nurturing

One of my clients called and asked if she could schedule a 1-hour massage every day, during a week-long fast. Her intention was to re-think and re-experience her relationship to food by exploring new ways to nurture herself.

How often do we self-medicate with processed, low-nutritional foodstuff that does nothing to strengthen the body? When I see boxed, highly-processed food at the market, I find no relationship to the earth or community that brought that item to my table.

She reminded me to nurture myself in many ways, not only with food but with breath, with presence, with silence, with peace.

My client was able to reboot her desire for real food and re-awaken sensitivity in her body for the entire nurturing experience. The daily massage helped her accompany the body, with its perceived deprivation, because she was loving it through self-caring bodywork.

It was like holding a loved one close, during a difficult but essential experience.


About RJR Self-Care

By Ruben J. Rocha - Massage therapist in private practice and Instructor at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts
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