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With Open Arms

My grandmother died April 30, 2004. The way she welcomed me, into her home, from childhood, through my adult years, continues to influence my life. She stopped whatever she was doing, called out my name, threw her arms wide to … Continue reading

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New Week Intention

I listened to a great interview on the Good Life Project Podcast, hosted by Jonathan Fields. Debbie Millman offered this to the listeners and I’m going to incorporate it into my new week intention. What do you think?

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Layers of Body Awareness

One of my clients describes her experience of receiving bodywork, during this time of intense grief, as working through “layers.” With her breath, as a constant guide, she is able to experience a completely different internal process, during each session. I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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Self-Care Saturday!

Today I’m going to practice Chi Running and do some writing. The exact order of which is to be determined!

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Making Peace with Your Past

How can this truth help you reach the next level, in your practice of self-care?

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Self-care for Bodyworkers

While demonstrating a massage technique, one of my students said, “Ruben, that looks like it feels really good in YOUR body, as a practitioner.” I replied, “Well, yes. That’s exactly the point of being a body worker. The more you … Continue reading

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