Fear of Failure or Fear of Action?

Let’s be clear: It’s not fear of failure that keeps most people stuck.

It’s fear of action, any action.

I’m writing about stubborn inaction, rather than pausing, or taking a legitimate time-out. It takes courage to admit inaction, if we have been tricking ourselves by calling it something else.

Inaction guarantees failure. So what, exactly, do we fear? We create the very thing we claim to fear.

Failure is an actual (often temporary) obstacle. But let’s not blame fear anymore. Fear of the unknown is real, but if you accept failure as the product of inaction, then you can’t hide behind fear.

What’s the remedy? Action, any action.











Self-care can mean movement, and releasing the internal attachment to inaction.

Let’s not delude ourselves anymore.

We aren’t afraid of failure. We are afraid of action, which usually leads to success.


About RJR Self-Care

By Ruben J. Rocha - Massage therapist in private practice and Instructor at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts
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